Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improv Madrigals

Various headlines are given by the audience to the improv performers of "Eight is NEVER Enough". Players take those headlines and spin them out into madrigals creating one big mashup of news, gossip, rumors and song. More at Featuring Cast members: Amelia Fowler, Jared Mark Smith, Spero Chumas, Walt Frasier (conductor), Lee Markham and Paul DeGrocco

Charlie Sheen has Tiger Blood and Madonnna
Youth in Egypt are Revolting
Bloomberg fires teachers in New York
Lindsey Lohan steals necklaces or something
Snows at the oscars in 50 years

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Reasons to go see LMAO Off-Broadway

This is a comedy show that you can bring the kids to. This is a comedy show that you can bring grandma to.. You can even bring French Canadians... and they will ALL have a good time. This is a comedy show for everyone....and it's funny!

Broadway shows can run up to $50- $120/SEAT. Movies in Manhattan are $13.00/Ticket. Popcorn? THE SAME price! We are offering a great professional show for an affordable price. With the current state of the economy we realize that not everyone is able to afford such luxuries. We have taken this into consideration. If you are unable to pay the full price of admission, then give us a call and we will work out a special deal on the admission price for you. There is no longer a DRINK MINIMUM to attend our shows but there is no maximum either so if you want to have a drink you still can.

This club is one of the nicest, cleanest and upscale yet casual comedy clubs in Times Square. Our resident theatre has a posh and cozy feel to it. The current staff is very friendly, the drink pours are heavy and the food is yummy. The club is also conveniently located right across the street from Port Authority and directly above 42nd St Subway A,E,C,1,9,N,R,W,7 Trains. We are 8th Ave so you can get to the show without dealing with too much of the congestion and slow walkers on Broadway!

No don't worry - the comedians are NOT killers but they ARE all amazingly talented actors with years of training and experience in improv, comedy and theatre. Plus funnyman HOST Walt Frasier 's jolly humor will have you laughing.

#5 - 100% Audience Participation!
Sometimes during live shows and even during movies the audience members can start to squirm in their seats! Sitting down and being quiet for 2-3 hours can cause your mind to drift, your legs to fall asleep and your butt to hurt. With EIGHT is NEVER Enough the audience is being called upon to either yell out ideas or come up on stage every 3-5 minutes. We make the show about what YOU want it to be.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 INNY Award Nomination

Eight is NEVER Enough has been nominated for "Best Short Form Improv Group" by Improvisation News. Fans of LMAO and EINE can vote online by going to the website:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mountain Dew Squirting Improv

The actor of the NYC based comedy troupe "Eight is NEVER Enough" perform an original scene about "Mountain Dew Squirting". Recorded live from the Times Square Arts Center in NYC. Catch the troupe performing in LMAO Off-Broadway every weekend. Featuring Spero Chumas, Patrick Reidy, John Rhea and Walt Frasiser

Great Improv Show with 12 Cast Members

WOW what a performance last night! 12 cast members performed on stage in LMAO Off-Broadway last night in the final performance of 6-year "Eight is NEVER Enough" cast member veteran Spero Chumas. The entire cast wishes him well in all of his upcoming endeavors in Los Angeles. We will miss you Spero and we know you are off to do great things in California.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

LMAO Off Broadway: Improv Comedy Teamwork

Eight is NEVER Enough's Improv Study Guides

"THE TEAM" by Walt Frasier

Improv, if nothing else, is a team sport.
The greatest moments in improvisation come form a group of performers working together. We always talk about listen and respond, "YES AND", and other rules, but to really achieve GREAT improv, you need to dig deeper. You need to actually care about the people on stage with you. Beyond listening you need to look for body language and other signals that increase communication. Some call this chemistry. I call this a deep commitment by each individual to create a team environment.

CHEMISTRY is easy when everyone are best friends. But in the professional world you may or may not care to go out afterwards socially with the people you work with everyday. In fact you often want a break so you can remain fresh in performance. But players committing to the team can achieve this same or even higher level of chemistry. Listening and watching intensely allows you to give focus to your team mates and then respond with greatness.

SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM MATES is key. Your goal onstage should be first and foremost to make your teammates look good. Constantly giving them material to work with and adding details. This is the heart and true meaning of YES AND… Total selfless performances.

Something magical then occurs. One, all fear goes out the window. When the whole team works this way you feel support in return. You will then create scenes that are so interesting – full of details and action – the audience will think they are watching something written by one of the great playwrights.

You learn quick in a good team that showboating and one liner jokes ends a scene, rarely moving things forward. Your team will not put up with it. The team will get better and leave you behind. There is very little room in Improv for BAD stand-up comedy. The best Improv is a process of great theater.

Walt Frasier has appeared on film, TV, Commercials and is a founding member of the NYC-based improv troupe "Eight is NEVER Enough" and is director of intruction for the COMEDY HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION. You can also see him live in LMAO Off-Broadway